Behind The Brand

In 2009, Coast to Coast was founded with an absolute commitment to integrity and quality; a clean skincare range that encompasses truly holistic performance and function beyond expectation.
Inspired by Australia’s scorching plains, tropical rainforests, turquoise-fringed coasts and dramatic landscapes, founder Nicole Chadwick loved the idea of capturing the sense of well-being and freedom she felt whenever she was immersed in nature.
“The whole coastal experience is truly magical and magnetic. The ocean invites your spirit in to its captivating playground for wild imaginations and unimaginable beauty. It’s a place I’m alway drawn to for inspiration."
What followed was a deeper exploration of her homeland, and a discovery of extraordinary terrain brimming with a bounty of native Indigenous botanicals and precious marine extracts. As if she’d discovered a treasure trove of nature's riches, she vowed to transform this untapped plant and ocean power into a luxurious ritual of self, dedicated to those who value holistic health, beauty and the environment - in equal measure. With a burning desire to share nature’s intelligence with the world, Nicole collaborated with a team of scientists to create a suite of natural, consciously crafted products, worthy of your skin.
“I’m proud to have created highly effective skincare that nurture the mind, body and spirit. Products that inspire conscious time-out and have the ability to anchor you in the here and now, so that your skin can flourish. The subtle natural aromas and delicate textures make our formulas irresistible to touch and smell. A delight for your senses, a treat for the soul. Because there’s really nothing like our natural world to escape the modern stresses of life, slow down and connect us to ourselves.”